Congrés Internacional d'Activitats Físiques Cooperatives


The International Congress on Cooperative Physical Activities reaches its tenth edition and is held in Barcelona, a city that inspires sport, education, inclusion and cooperation.
This event aims to open up even wider the portal to the world of Cooperative Learning as a model which comprises and includes everyone we can find today in our classrooms, playgrounds, parks and streets.

Main lines of the congress:

  • Cooperative physical activities in the area of Physical Education and sport.
  • Inclusion and socialisation through Cooperative Learning.
  • Cooperation as a key element for social transformation in the area of physical activity.

Aims of the congress:

  • To contribute to the promotion of education in values by means of using cooperative activities and methodologies in the area of physical activity and sport.
  • To share experiences related with cooperative physical activity.
  • To establish links between the area of formal education (Physical Education) and the non-formal area (sport and leisure).
  • To generate contexts, areas of exchange and concerns to promote a fairer society through physical activity, sport and recreation.

Aimed at:

  • Physical Education Teachers and those in other knowledge areas in the various stages of the educational system.
  • Students studying a Degree in Infants and Primary Education, Degree in Social Education, Degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and Vocational Training Stages related to the topic.
  • Sports Technicians, Free Time Monitors, Social Workers and others working in the field interested in cooperative physical activities, inclusion and possible applications.

Equip de Formació de Formadors d'Educació Física a Primària i Secundària de l'ICE de la UAB